Did you miss any highlights this weekend? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are some the best and worst from the sports weekend in glorious GIF form.

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20 Sealed with a kiss

Tigers reliever Al Alburquerque had time to field a groundball and kiss it before throwing to first. The A’s were not impressed.

19 Fat ginger on a pole

This man won the weekend.

18 Herbie’s scared of a little cock

17 Chiefs fans are turning on each other

Six points at home will do that.

16 Percy Harvin start-stop

Yes, Percy Harvin deserves some MVP votes.

15 Reggie Wayne past his prime?

Wayne puts in the best performance of his career sans Peyton Manning.

14 Friendly fire in Florida

13 Enes Kanter doing the worm

Enes Kanter tried to do the worm…he humped the floor instead.

12 Jason Heyward robs a home run

11 Scared cheerleader

The pink outfit is supposed to instill some bravery…I think.

10 Just another hurdle

Le’Veon Bell does it again going up and over an Indiana defender.

9 Gangnam Style in the stands

And he’s going commando.

8 Donald Brown trolls Packer nation

7 Ryan Matthews goes up and over

6 Phil Coke? More like Phail Coke–amirite?

The most Phil Coke GIF ever.

5 More friendly fire

4 Coco Crisp blooper

You sir are no Willie Mays.

3 Andrew Luck stars in new Excedrin commercial

2 David Wilson flips

1 Ace Sanders does it again

Ace Sanders gets the video game treatment this week with his punt return touchdown against Georgia.

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