by Andy Moore on September 30, 2012

Northern Ireland's finest, Rory McIlroy, had an 11:25 a.m. tee time at Medinah this morning, but with 15 minutes to go before his singles match with Keegan Bradley, he was nowhere to be found on the course. All of a sudden an unmarked police car rolled into the parking lot of the country club and McIlroy sprinted out, around two hours later than golfers normally arrive before they're set to play.

It turns out McIlroy was watching the Golf Channel last night and saw that he had a 12:25 tee time—but the channel broadcasted the times in Eastern Standard Time, not Illinois' Central Time.

In a way, it's kind of cool to see a hugely successful golfer look like a freshman sprinting an exam he's overslept for. On the other hand… Screw this guy this weekend. USA, all day, errday.

As of 3:20, USA leads 10-7. Here's a live leaderboard.

H/T: Devil Ball Golf

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