by Reggie Noble on April 25, 2012

“Woe betide whoever supports [Saudi women in the Olympics],” Al-Raoughui said.

According to Al-Raoughui, even if the women stick to their religious restrictions it would still be a travesty if they attend the games.

“What religious restrictions?” he said. “These women will mix with strangers… A woman’s beauty lies in her chastity, and in how she raises her children in the private kingdom of her home.”

Indeed, if women do participate it will turn the country into a “laughing stock,” according to the Al-Raoughui.

While I can’t hate on Al-Raoughui for his religious convictions, he’s missing perhaps the more salient point: women’s sports are booooooooooring. But even I would chose watching the floor exercise than being smote by Allah. So would you. Gods striking you dead is serious sh*t. That’s what compelled the ancient Greeks to invent the Olympic Games in the first place. They didn’t want to get f*cked by a giant lightning bolt.

[H/T: Daily Caller]

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