by Lance Pauker on August 15, 2013

For those of you Backyard Sports fiends, a nice callback. Pablo Sanchez, the backwards-hat superstar that dominated all backyard sports as if they were the lone keg at a fraternity party with a terrible guy to girl ratio, is also the name of outfielder on the LLWS Carribean squad. 

The Williamsport website, in addition to featuring an excellent video on Pablo, also lists his strengths – a great situational hitter with excellent bat control. It also notes he's got “natural instincts” on defense. Of course he does. 

Will Pablo's stellar play propel his team to World Series success? Probably not, as his team fell to Panama in their first outing. But it's certainly a storyline those ESPN marketing people should figure out how to incorporate. Nothing like Pablo hitting bomb after bomb at that Parks Deptartment Field No. 2. A Vinnie The Gooch fave.