by Reggie Noble on January 7, 2014

The sophomore, who was sidelined for the Buckeyes' Orange Bowl loss to Clemson, will also miss the first two games of next year.

And it could have been much, much worse. 

Greg Spence said the Big Ten originally suspended Noah for a full season before reducing the ban to three games following an appeal. The family made a second appeal, which was denied, and plans to file a lawsuit against the conference, according to the report.

That's is a stiff penalty. Something that will make a guy legitimately sorry for partying. Spence's father said his son accidentally ingested the substance after accepting a drink.

If that's the truth, this is a pretty shitty break. If it's not, then shame on him for getting his father to do his lying. 

The NCAA considers ecstacy a performance-enhancing drug. Anyone who has ever taken it may disagree with that classification. 


[Photo via Cary Edmonson/USA Today Sports]

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