by Reggie Noble on December 19, 2012

Anil V. George, the attorney who typically handles the trademarks involving NBA brand names, filed trademarks on five new potential franchise names on behalf of the New Orleans Hornets NBA Limited Partnership.

The five names included the favorite Pelicans, a mascot that ties into the state bird as well as a minor league baseball team that existed from 1887 to 1959, but the four others also have strong Louisiana ties.

The trademarks:
• New Orleans Pelicans
• New Orleans Rougarou
• New Orleans Mosquitos
• New Orleans Swamp Dogs
• New Orleans Bullsharks

There is a lot of goodness in that list. Tell me you wouldn’t get behind a team called the Swamp Dogs. TELL ME.

Which name makes your jeans the tightest?

[H/T: Behind the Buck Pass]

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