by Kyle Koster on June 27, 2014


The best moment of last night’s NBA Draft was the selection of a player who won’t play a single minute.

Midway through the first round, commissioner Adam Silver paused to recognize former Baylor standout Isaiah Austin, one of the best players in college basketball last season, who was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. The diagnosis ended his career on the spot, meaning his dream of hearing his name called at the NBA Draft would never become reality.

Or so he thought.

In a touching moment, the league ceremoniously drafted Austin, allowing him a moment in the spotlight. Warning: the following video will make you feel like you’re chopping a dozen shallots.

Kudos to the NBA for taking the time to honor Austin. It was truly a special moment and a reminder of the power sports have to positively impact human beings.

After this blood-sucking week, we needed it.

Kyle Koster

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