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Mr. T’s College Football Road Trip: Where Should He Go?

By 07.30.12

Our trip is now in its sixth year. So far we’ve been to Wisconsin, the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville (otherwise known as Florida vs. Georgia), Mississippi, Nebraska, and Alabama (for last year’s epic game against LSU). On my own I’ve also traveled to Michigan, Purdue, North Carolina, Notre Dame, and Florida. We definitely had our fun at all those locations, but we’re looking for something new.

Usually we try to chase the best game of the year, but we’re wondering if we should focus more on the location now that our years of balling out like rock stars might be running out. Even though I’m swinging single and acting like I’m still in college, we’ve got one married guy and one guy who’s basically married in the crew. The schedule's a little tight for a few people this year, so only three weeks in November are available.

With all that in mind, I’m looking to the readers to help me decide where to go for this year’s adventure. Here are the 10 choices we’re looking at. Sound Off in the comments section to help persuade us one way or another.

November 3: Oregon @ USC

This game shapes up as one of the two best games of the year. USC is finally off probation after their recent scandal, and they're primed to make a run at the national title. Oregon, meanwhile, has been the best team in the Pac-12 over the last three years. They've got a high-flying offense and are surely fun to watch. The biggest issue with this game is the venue. While it's nice to see a game at the Memorial Coliseum for historical sake, it's not like seeing a game on a real college campus. We'd likely spend all our time in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, or out by Santa Monica. The game is as good as it gets, but the setting leaves something to be desired. Generally the chicks are hot in L.A., but their personalities kill me at times.

Football: 10
Atmosphere: 2
Women: 8

November 3: Ole Miss @ Georgia
November 17: Georgia Southern @ Georgia

Anyone who's been to Georgia has told me it's one of the greatest college towns in the country and offers one of the greatest college football experiences. Georgia is poised to make a big run this year with quarterback Aaron Murray, but their home schedule is terrible. They have no quality opponents coming to town, which helps their title chances, but does me no favors when trying to find a game. One positive is that the word on the street is that Georgia girls are as hot as they come. Do we go to Athens before we get any older or do we hold off for a better home game next year?

Football: 3
Atmosphere: 10
Women: 10

November 3: Illinois @ Ohio State

Columbus is known as one of the better game days in the Big Ten, so the desire to get out to O-H-I-O for a game is very present. Urban Meyer will bring success to Ohio State football; it just may be a couple years away. It may be worth waiting for a better team and a better game than they have in our available weeks.

Football: 5
Atmosphere: 9
Women: 5

November 10: Georgia @ Auburn

Once again we investigate the possibility of a good Georgia team, but this time it's in a road game against Auburn. Auburn at least presents a credible threat as an opponent to provide an entertaining game. While not judged as one of the best SEC venues, the atmosphere would likely provide a very fun weekend. The chicks there would probably not hurt the cause either, but my sources tell me they’re a notch below the cream of the SEC crop.

Football: 7
Atmosphere: 6
Women: 7

November 10: Iowa State @ Texas

Oh how I long to go to Austin, Texas. Everyone describes it as one of their favorite places in America and yet I've still never been. The women are hot, the food is good, and the scene during college football weekends is supposed to be top notch. It's right up there with Georgia on the list of places I need to get to at some point in my life. Alas, it has the same issue as Georgia this year — a terribly boring home schedule with a really poor option on the weeks we're investigating. The team itself is also undergoing a bit of an adjustment period as it's not as good as it used to be. Does football take a back seat to the rest or do we hold out?

Football: 3
Atmosphere: 10
Women: 10

November 10: Missouri @ Tennessee

Rocky Top ain’t what it used to be. The football program has suffered in recent years and Tennessee has become second fiddle to other SEC super powers. There is one redeeming aspect to the team right now and that's their quarterback. Tyler Bray is projected as a top-five pick in next year's NFL Draft and might even go as high as #1. The question is whether or not that, the third largest college football stadium, and a slew of attractive women is enough to move the meter.

Football: 5
Atmosphere: 8
Women: 8

November 10: Arkansas @ South Carolina

When talking to a former Auburn student on Friday night, he told me South Carolina was up there with the best SEC atmospheres he’s witnessed. While I expected it to be good time, I never expected to hear it’s one of the best. Now I’m kind of intrigued. The weekend could also be packaged with some time in Charleston, which was great when I visited it for a bachelor party last year. On the football side, this game shapes up to be one of the best in the SEC this year. Arkansas was headed for a place in the national title conversation before the Bobby Petrino stuff went down. South Carolina’s talent right up there as well, so this might provide the perfect storm in all three categories.

Football: 9
Atmosphere: 8
Women: 7{pagebreak}

November 10: Mississippi @ LSU
November 17: Ole Miss @ LSU

Don’t get me wrong, Baton Rouge is in my top three must-visit college towns, alongside Austin and Athens. After doing LSU at Alabama last year, however, there’s no way we’re doing the reversal match-up this year in Baton Rouge. While the atmosphere will likely be great, the game itself was a tough watch in Tuscaloosa with both offenses unable to put something together. Those offenses last year set football back 20 years. I can speak for hours about my issues with LSU being unable to find a quality quarterback, but let’s not stray too far. LSU has two other home games during our available weekends, but neither are barn burners. While Baton Rouge is a place we need to go to because of the atmosphere and the women, maybe it’s best to wait for a better situation.

Football: 2
Atmosphere: 10
Women: 9

November 17: Oklahoma @ West Virginia

West Virginia has a top-15 team ready to roll in their first season of Big 12 play and they’re going to need it when Oklahoma comes to town. Landry Jones comes back as a Heisman contender to lead a high-powered Sooner offense that currently sits as the Big 12 favorite. But one shouldn’t overlook Geno Smith and the Mountaineers, who know how to put up points as well. The problem here is: have you ever heard of anyone say either (a) football games in Morgantown are awesome, or (b) all the chicks at West Virginia are smokeshows?

Football: 9
Atmosphere: 4
Women: 4

November 17: Stanford @ Oregon

The final option on our board is probably something that SEC fans would laugh at, but knowledgeable college football fans know why we’re interested. Games in Eugene, Oregon, are supposed to be loud as f*ck. The crowd goes nuts for their Ducks and that should continue with the Ducks being a contender for the Pac-12 title this year. Stanford obviously won’t be as good as last year, but they’re still going to be a top-20 team. There will be a lot of pressure on sophomore Brett Nottingham to take over now that Andrew Luck is playing for the Colts. This is the best game on Oregon’s home schedule this year. If they get through USC two weeks prior, this game will likely be the only thing standing between them and a spot in the national title game. As far as the chicks at Oregon go, someone’s going to have to fill me in.

Football: 9
Atmosphere: 9
Women: 4

Also considered:

11/3: Nebraska @ Michigan State, Illinois @ Ohio State, Oklahoma State @ Kansas State, Alabama @ LSU
11/10: West Virginia @ Oklahoma State, Baylor @ Oklahoma, Maryland @ Clemson
11/17: NC State @ Clemson

Sound Off with your vote in the comments.

Mr. T
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