by Andy Moore on October 4, 2013

Michael Jordan seems to be getting a bit more relaxed in his older age—there was that terrific, access-filled piece with ESPN earlier in the year, and over the past few months he's popped up every now and then to say he could beat everyone in the NBA. He really likes saying that. He's said that a lot since leaving the Wizards. But he doesn't sound angry anymore when he says it.

This new interview, part of a promo blitz for the LeBron-covered 2K14, covers familiar territory for the old Airness. Jordan says he would only trash talk his friends (huh—didn't know he and Muggsy were that tight). He can't stop himself from taking a shot or two at Gary Payton. And he tells a terrific “OJ Mayo being a petulant child” story that'll make you pray for video evidence.

Jordan is by no means a recluse. He's relatively open for being one of the five most famous men in the world. But he's not—and probably never will be—a TV guy, yukking it up alongside Magic Johnson on a pregame show. It's just not in his nature, which is why it's always fun to get a candid interview out of him.

[H/T: Devour]

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