by J. Camm on June 25, 2014


It’s been exactly a decade since my alma mater hasn’t sucked at football. That’s a long stint in the “Another Season Barely Over .500″ hole. THIS YEAR WE TURN IT THE FUCK AROUND. This year we DESERVE VICTORY. That, along with the hashtag #RISEandGRIND (Dwayne Johnson uses that a lot) is apparently the message Al Golden is sending to the Canes this year. Or at least that’s the message he was spreading this morning after he brought in a DJ and strobe lights to put some life in the team’s 5am workouts.

Hey, whatever gets the job done, Al. Pay the fucking kids for all I care, JUST WIN. Because the travesty that the last decade has been is completely unacceptable to not only regular alums like me, but to the greats who took the field before this shitstorm of mediocrity.

The highlights from the nightclub workouts are below and at the 2:50 mark a pretty good offseason pump up video starts.

[H/T College Spun]

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