by Reggie Noble on June 3, 2013

One drink for every:

  • LeBron James basket
  • Paul George basket
  • Roy Hibbert rebound
  • Chris Bosh shot attempt
  • Turnover
  • Dunk
  • Foul

Two drinks for every:

  • Three-pointer
  • And-one
  • Udonis Haslem baseline jumper attempt
  • Birdman rebound
  • Flop (either team)
  • Crazed emotion exhibited by Tyler Hansbrough

Three drinks for every:

  • Tattoo-free player
  • Travel call
  • Mention of Hibbert’s costly comments
  • Time you realize both head coaches are, like, super-young

Finish your drink if:

  • Chris Bosh is useful in anyway
  • Birdman shows good sportsmanship
  • Lance Stephenson is under control

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