by Lance Pauker on November 18, 2012

The University of Maryland is in serious negotiations to join the Big Ten Conference, sources told ESPN on Saturday.

If Maryland goes from the ACC to the Big Ten, Rutgers of the Big East is expected to follow suit. The addition of Maryland and Rutgers would give the Big Ten 14 members as the league gears toward negotiations on a new media rights deal when its first-tier rights expire in 2017.

No date has been set for a potential announcement, though it could come as soon as Monday. The Maryland board of regents will meet at 9 a.m. Monday morning to decide on the move, a source with direct knowledge told Sunday morning.

There's still a lot to happen for this set of dominos to fall–the exit fee to leave the ACC is $50 million, and Maryland has recently dropped sports programs due to budget issues. But if it does? Is another game of conference musical chairs in store? Will Virginia Tech and FSU really want to stay what would be moving towards a lesser football conference? What does this mean for the derailed train that is Big East? Too many possibilities.


Not to be a card-carrying resident of speculation city, but if this happens, and FSU and/or VaTech decide to also jump ship, would an ACC/Big East merger be on the horizon? Wouldn't really do much for football, but holy shit what potential basketball conference. Heaven on earth for terrible fanbases.