by J. Camm on July 7, 2014


Johnny Manziel celebrated America’s independence by laying low and watching rom-coms partying in Las Vegas. Just Johnny bein’ Johnny, wishing people wouldn’t make his off-the-field life NEWS. Well, this is 2014, John, you aren’t afforded the same luxuries as Michael Jordan once was. (Man, the shit MJ probably got away with, huh?) Also, why are you rolling up money in a men’s bathroom in Vegas?


Of course, this may be nothing. The reasons why Johnny Manziel was rolling money in a bathroom in a city founded on sin could be completely harmless (see: it’s easier to stick bills up a stripper’s fun hole when they are rolled up), OR, ya know, his reasons to roll those bills could be slightly more detrimental (see: use your imagination). I’m sure it was the former, though. I refuse to believe he is stupid enough to nonchalantly prepare to blow lines in a public bathroom.

[H/T Busted Coverage]

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