by Andy Moore on November 14, 2012

No one is really talking about Weezy or Poythress this morning, though. Instead, John Calipari is getting the nod for halftime comments he made about the Blue Devils “flopping.”

As a response, Coach K began jumping up and down and screaming, “SCOREBOARD! SCOREBOARD!”

Just kidding. He said this:

“I mean, he has a right to say whatever he wants,” Krzyzewski said. “I thought we took some amazing charges, and I thought we probably could have taken a couple more. There’s a difference between a charge and a flop. A flop means you don’t take any contact. I would hope that anyone who watches the game would say that our kids really played outstanding defense and were there to take charges.

“And we don’t make any money, so we can’t be fined.” 

Calipari later said it was a joke. Shouldn't have backed away, Cal. We could use a nice old fashioned coaching feud.

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[H/T: Raleigh News & Observer]