by Andy Moore on June 14, 2012

In the first inning of last night's 14-strikeout perfect game by Matt Cain, a jetpacker was spotted in McCovey Cove. He flew out of the water and toward the ballpark, ala James Bond in “From Russia With Love” before hovering behind the bleachers and watching the game. Thankfully, he didn't use his machine guns on anyone sitting in the outfield bleachers. (I'm assuming he had machine guns somewhere on the device.)

According to Yahoo Sports, he was actually using the “JetLev” jetpack, an acquatic jetpack that retails for $99,500.

For fun, we tried to figure out what the jetpacker could have saved by just buying a ticket. According to Will Flaherty of Seat Geek, which tracks ticket prices, the average cost in the secondary market of a seat for the game was $32.52. Meaning Jet Pack Guy could have saved $99,467.48 by just sucking it up and getting a seat.