by Andy Moore on February 27, 2014


Last year, Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Max released a video of Gordon forcing a car salesman into a tire-burning test drive around an abandoned parking lot. The prank was awesome, but fake—a point made by a few bloggers, most notably Jalopnik’s Travis Okulski, who said the salesman was an actor and the car in the commercial had actually been helmed by a stunt driver, Brad Noffsinger.

This pissed Gordon off. And as laid out in a hilarious post written by Okulski this morning, he schemed into getting Travis back. In a big way.

In what, for now, seems to be an authentic stunt, Travis was flown to Charlotte to drive a new Corvette Z06. He was met at his Quality Inn by a cab driver. The cabbie? Gordon wearing a neck tattoo and the appearance of a felon-turned-cab driver. A police chase, and some can’t-be-faked hysterics from Travis ensued. Great stuff:

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