And then his mother gets involved:



And then his girlfriend gets involved:




And then she calls him a bitch…


And then it gets sweet


Then this happens:



And then more texts from Mom:







And then…. The take down: 


For more pics from the event, including Dylan Masone's totally rad cargo shorts (surprise?), head over the Bleacher Report


Worth it? Or should have listened to Mom? Have fun with that arraignment in Queens Central Booking. Sounds like a blast according to Yelp:

This place sucks donkey balls. I had the unfortunate opportunity to spend 32 hours in this dump and let me tell you, it was no picnic.  it's not the non working toilets, overcrowded rooms and general aura of failure, it's the individuals you share your time with in the cell. These cretins who know each others names already, those that know the officers names and they know them in return. How do these animals walk the streets after they get out is beyond me.

Let it be known that I have made up my mind to never visit this dump ever again. To have it located on queens blvd is disgrace to all people who granted with a gift of vision.  This establishment would be perfectly suited next to Shea stadium, replacing the junkyard that is there now.

Stay away at all cost!