by J. Camm on April 28, 2014


What I really meant to say is “Thankfully, he’s not a vegetable or worse” but being a whore for pageviews got the best of me there. Anyway, it’s cool to post this, though, because he lived and still had enough functionality to type “My motorcycle crash at 140 MPH” in the YouTube description. So he’s good. Probably.

Also, I get glancing at your buddy in the next lane on the way past, maybe tossing that bitch the middle fing, because LOOK AT THAT PUSSY ONLY DOING 120 MPH, but why the fuck did he keep looking back? I guarantee it was because he was continuing to mock him. Mockery caused this accident. Well, that, a fair amount of carelessness and a Nissan that wasn’t keeping up with the flow of traffic.

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