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Polar FT 80 Heart Rate Monitor

We wanted to know what some of the top fitness buffs in the industry are looking for under their tree this year so we got in touch with Sean Hyson, fitness editor at Men's Fitness magazine.

“I would recommend the Polar FT 80–a heart rate monitor for lifters. It helps you determine exactly how much rest you need between sets based on heart rate, making for intense and time-efficient workouts.”


Perfect Push Up V2 Performance
It’s about time that you step up your bodyweight workout routines. The Perfect Pushup apparatus isn’t a new concept to many, but will raise your push up game in more new ways than one. Built with internal workings and bearings to increase range of motion, stability and difficulty when compared to your conventional push up, the Perfect Pushup is a great solution to sculpting muscle on-the-go and building up your concave chest.
Your “chicken-hawk” legs, well, that’s a different story.

$ 19.99







Fat Gripz
Are you sick of wearing 'smedium' shirts just to show off your 12-inch pythons?
Fat Gripz may just be the product that will put you over the edge. It helps to create a thicker grip around your standard barbell, pull up bar or dumbbell, which will increase muscle fiber activation from your forearms and throughout your upper body. The alleviation and strain on joints will also help increase grip strength and eliminate other weak links.
It’s like a barbell on steroids!


Nixon Lodown Sports Watch

Attention Surfer Bros: The Nixon Lodown Sports Watch is the epitome of when fitness meets fashion. This watch comes equipped and ready to ‘tide-tell’ for over 200 beaches until 2020, a programmed wave counter and all your other time telling capabilities for the non-surfing bros that just want to rock a sick retro-style  watch to the gym.

Choose from 19 different colors!


Steve’s Original Mix
Gone Paleo?

With the holidays in full gear its extremely easy over indulge in cookies, cake and all of the other sh*t that becomes readily accessible during this time of year. Seeking some insight, I reached out to NYC-based trainer, author, and friend, John Romaniello, on what his ideal “fitness gift” would be.

“My ideal gift would be a gift basket from Steve's Original. The XL one is just 65 bucks and is tons of healthy snacks. In a season where people are having desserts everywhere, it's nice to have a ton of stuff to fall back on when you need a healthy fix.”

Everything from lean protein to fruit to healthy fats, Steve’s “kits” got you covered…caveman style.

$65 [or less]

Nike Vapor Windrunner Jacket
Whether you are barreling up mountains are jogging through the city, there’s nothing worse than a bulky jacket. It’s a catch-22 though, because if wear something lighter you will ultimately freeze you ass off.

The Nike Vapor jacket is insanely durable. It has built-in hand warmers, Storm-Fit technology to repel rain and snow, and “cord management” so you can rock your iPod while working out without tangling the cord.

This is an awesome jacket for the fitness freak or runner who likes to keep their workout outdoors.


Tim Ferris’s Four Hour Chef and Four Hour Body
Coming off of his previous best seller, 4 Hour Body, Tim Ferris has topped the best-seller charts yet again with 4 Hour Chef.
In 4 Hour Chef, Tim Ferris teaches you tips and tricks inside the kitchen that you can use in everyday life, like for instance, building a healthier body. Whether you’re in college or in the workforce, this book will teach you how to cook with minimal resources, time and money. You may even pick up some chicks in the process [details in the book].

Be sure to also check out 4 Hour Body, if you haven’t already, where Ferris teaches you to train for a marathon with minimal training, swim like an Olympian, build a six pack with only two exercises…all  while spending less time in the gym.

$21.00 [click top right to get deal on both books]

Reebok Crossfit Nano 2.0
Alright Crossfitters…Reebok has truly set the standard when it comes to Crossfit. With the intensity of Crossfit training/WODs, it is imperative to wear a sneaker that can support that type of abuse and actually help increase performance.

The Nano 2.0 is built just for that. It has a low heel to ground feel, abrasion rubber outsole and forefoot flex grooves so that you run, jump and dominate heavy weight—easily the best bang for your buck.

It comes in a bunch of colors and can be customized as well. You will be beasting workouts like Rich Froning in no time son!


Rogue Fitness Kettlebell
Life gets busy. Whether it’s class, work or chicks—we get it.

What if there was one piece of equipment that could help build muscle, strength and endurance without leaving your dorm room, basement or, hell, even your cubicle? Well, there is.

Kettlebells may not be the easiest gift to wrap, but they are by far the easiest to use in or out of the gym.
This round piece of iron with a flat bottom can be used in endless amounts of strength circuits that can be done in no time at all, nulling any excuse for you to skip a workout.

They come in a variety of sizes from 9lbs to the 203lbs ‘Monster Kettlebell”

$29.95 to $489 [$79.95 for 53lb Kettlebell used in most Crossfit gyms]

Muscletrac Roller
Last year, we talked about foam rollers being the “ghetto massage” for athletes and gym rats.
Well, this year we found one a little more durable that will actually fit in your gym bag. The Muscletrac roller is a great way to increase performance, recovery and muscle therapy.

In all of 3 minutes you can roll this bad boy over your main “trigger points” to help activate/stretch muscles, release tension and aid with IT band related issues for runners.

*Happy-ending not included.


Perform Better ‘Learn by Doing’ Seminar
Whether you are a personal trainer or someone looking to fast forward you fitness knowledge by light years, get your ass to the next available Perform Better ‘Learn by Doing’ Seminar.

You will get exposed to the best fitness coaches around the globe, learn the latest fitness trends/techniques and then proceed to make fun of every jackass at the gym that curls in the squat rack.

These seminars fill up ridiculously fast, so check them out now!

$159 ($119 if 6 weeks in advance)

Sythna-6 Protein
Not only did BSN put out the best tasting protein on the market, but it is by far the most bang for your buck.

Syntha-6 is a perfect multipurpose ‘anytime’  protein because it loaded with amino acids, contains whey [fast-acting], milk and egg proteins [slower absorbing] so that it can be consumed before and after workouts or even as a meal replacement.

There are so many choices of protein powders on the market which makes it difficult to choose. Being able to use ONE type of protein to fulfill all of your needs is a huge benefit to not only your muscles, but wallet as well.

$29.74 [2.91 lbs.] $46.99 [5.04 lbs.]

Lulu Lemon Yoga Pants [for your girl]
I think we can all agree that the gym could use more women wearing yoga pants—it is as pretty straight forward and simple concept.

The primal instinct in me [and you for that matter] knows that it only makes sense that if you have a girl in your life that hits the gym, well, she should be wearing yoga pants.

Lulu Lemon seems to be the brand of choice these days. It may run you a pretty penny, but she will thank you…and every guy on the elliptical behind her will too.


For more ideas, check out: The 2011 BroBible Holiday Wish List: 11 Items for the Gym-Obsessed Bro

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