by Rebecca Martinson on July 10, 2014

real people floppin

The very little bit of the World Cup I watched was baffling. For someone that doesn’t watch soccer, I couldn’t understand why at any given moment there were at least 3 people rolling around on the ground and not getting up. Apparently you’re supposed to do that when you play soccer? Bitch about injuries that may or may not exist to try and fuck over the opposing team? Even though it’s apparently a good idea in sports, in real life….you look like a fucking moron. And I love it. We should take flopping out of soccer and put it into everyday situations, because watching the guy behind the counter at Subway fall on the ground screaming when you say he put too much lettuce on your sandwich would be WAY more amusing than watching soccer players fake it on television.

Don’t believe me? Check it out below.

Rebecca Martinson

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