by Mr. T on November 27, 2012

A number of the guys I mentioned last week came up strong for their owners over the weekend. Here's my list of hot pickups this week. I highlighted the tight end position last week, so I'll refrain from mentioning the same names again. I'll also skip over the likes of Cecil Shorts, T.Y. Hilton, Danario Alexander, Beanie Wells, Vick Ballard, and Jalen Parmele because if they're not owned in your league by now, your league is a joke. If you're curious about other guys not listed or who is worth cutting, hit me up on Twitter (@MrT_BroBible).


Colin Kaepernick (QB – San Francisco) – Available in 72.4% of ESPN Leagues
John Harbaugh is playing a weird cat-and-mouse game with reporters over who his starting quarterback will be. Actions should speak louder than words, however, and Kaepernick should be the starter going forward given that he started last week. Kaepernick has the dual-threat ability and plenty of weapons, which makes him a top-10 QB going forward if he's the starter. There are two issues to look out for. First, the Niners head to Seattle in Week 16, which looks a lot better if one or both of Seattle's cornerbacks get suspended for this Adderall situation. The second is that San Francisco might start resting guys by Week 15 if they've got their playoff situation all locked up. At least it looks like they'll now be fighting Chicago for the #1 overall seed, so that will keep them going. (FAAB spend: $15)

Chad Henne (QB – Jacksonville) – Available in 96.7% of ESPN Leagues
The grass is always greener on the other side. Chad Henne isn't an elite QB by any means, but he's certainly serviceable for NFL purposes. He's looked really good over the last two weeks and his success should continue going forward. He faces a soft Buffalo pass defense this weekend, a vulnerable Miami secondary in Week 15, and should pick up plenty of garbage time production against New England in Week 16. If you're playing the QB carousel for your starter, Henne should be able to find a seat on the ride for at least a few games going forward. (FAAB spend: $2)

Running Backs

Bryce Brown (RB – Philadelphia) – Available in 95% of ESPN Leagues
I mentioned Brown in last week's column and then he broke off 178 yards and two scores. My review of him still stands and he should play at least one more week. Philadelphia might start shutting down their best guys in the hopes of Tanking, so there's also the possibility that Brown continues to start as LeSean McCoy sits out the rest of the season. (FAAB spend: $20)

Knowshon Moreno (RB – Denver) – Available in 95.8% of ESPN Leagues
If you spent money on Ronnie Hillman last week, I feel sorry for you. I would've done the same. Hillman was pegged to be the starter up until about 12:20 p.m. on Sunday morning when it was announced Moreno would start. Smart owners like myself grabbed Moreno in multiple leagues upon hearing the news, but there's a chance he was still left out there for people to grab in this week's waiver process. Moreno showed well in his first start and should continue to produce as Denver faces a reasonably easy schedule going forward. (FAAB spend: $20)

Michael Bush (RB – Chicago) – Available in 31.5% of ESPN Leagues
Matt Forte hurt his ankle again, which means Bush will carry the load if Forte misses any time. At the very least you should pick up Bush to handcuff Forte, who has been rather fragile this year. (FAAB spend: $8)

Jacquizz Rodgers (RB – Atlanta) – Available in 31.5% of ESPN Leagues
Could we be seeing a changing of the guard in Atlanta? Rodgers played 31 snaps on Sunday as opposed to just 21 from Michael Turner. Turner did receive four more touches than Rodgers, but he did absolutely nothing with them. Like with Bush/Forte, Turner owners should handcuff Rodgers at the very least, but Rodgers is worth a stash in case he continues to produce well enough to be a weekly flex play. (FAAB spend: $5)

Wide Receiver

Ryan Broyles (WR – Detroit) – Available in 98.7% of ESPN Leagues
The wide receiving crop isn't as deep as on the waiver wire as it was last week, but Broyles can definitely be productive for you the rest of the season. Broyles is the NCAA career leader in receptions, so he obviously has some talent. He tore his ACL last November, but he's looked close to, if not, 100%. Matt Stafford has a lot of faith in him as you saw last week when he grabbed six balls for 126 yards and just missed a touchdown. He's been officially elevated to the #2 WR on the team and that's a big deal with Calvin Johnson seeing a majority of the coverage. Broyles has friendly match-ups over the next two weeks and decent ones in the fantasy playoffs, so you should jump on him if you need a receiver. (FAAB spend: $10)

Mohamed Sanu (WR – Cincinnati) – Available in 98.9% of ESPN Leagues
Sanu is in a similar situation to Broyles in that he's playing opposite a dominant WR. His stats are a little fluky because they're predominantly based on touchdowns, but it shows that Andy Dalton is willing to look for targets not named A.J. Green in the red zone. The receiving yardage isn't there for Sanu like it is for Broyles, but he's worth looking into if you have injuries at receiver. (FAAB spend: $7)

Jarius Wright (WR – Minnesota) – Available in 98.7% of ESPN Leagues
Have you ever handcuffed a WR before? That's the function Jarius Wright has in terms of Percy Harvin. Wright isn't nearly as good as Harvin, but he has similar physical skills and the Vikings use him for all their Harvin plays while Harvin is injured. That's allowed Wright to grab 10 balls for 114 yards and a touchdown over the last two games. It's not groundbreaking stuff, but it's worth noticing if you're in a pinch. (FAAB spend: $2)