by BroBible Staff on April 10, 2013

Nothing changes the momentum of a baseball game like a timely double play. Two for the price of one is always a good deal. With that in mind, our friends at DraftKings are rolling out a BroBible-only fantasy baseball contest that will give you not one, but two chances to win big.

Starting Thursday, two tickets into the $150,000 event will be up for grabs. For a mere $5 entry fee, you can manage two different teams in hopes of winning $50,000. Seize the moment, Bros. This is your very last chance to win a spot in this anything-goes money grab.

Players finishing in 3rd-20th place will get their money back. Very little risk for such a large reward.

There are only 80 spots available, so act now.

Look, we’re not going to tell you how to live your life. But playing with DraftKings is fun, easy and beneficial to health of your bank account. It also makes watching sports infinitely more entertaining.

Double your pleasure. We highly recommend it.

BroBible Staff

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