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Let’s get make one thing clear: when you’re single and you sign up to play co-ed adult recreational sports, ESPECIALLY KICKBALL, you’re in it for pre and post-game boozing and also a WET DICK. Not if you’re on this particular team, though. The player-coach overlord on this team wants to win goddammit (or at least not commute to a game only to learn he can’t field a full team and has to forfeit because Johnny fucked Janet and the sex was embarrassingly bad) so he sent out an email to just the guys telling them to keep their womb raiders in their pants until week five. Why? Read his bulletproof rational, from email sent to Deadspin, below.

Good morning gentlemen,

I’m assuming that when this is read, you’ll all be waking up, hence the greeting.

I hope we all had a good time tonight. I certainly did. We have a very talented team. We’re most likely going to win out the season, and if not, we’ll buck up and win the tournament at the end of the season. We’re really that good.

But it’s time that I introduce you all to a very important rule, which if we don’t follow will cause us the season. It’s called the five-week rule.

You’ll notice that only the men of [team name] are receiving this email. It’s because this rule only applies to you. I know, it’s sexist. It’s not fair. But it’s the way it is.

Winning on the kickball field is based on three things. How well the men play, how well the women play, and if the women show up. Literally, leagues are won and lost on whether or not enough women show up towards the end of the season. Everyone thinks kickball is a great game, they all want to play, then towards the end of the season, attendance tapers off, and you’re begging and pleading for people to show up to fill out the team, and it doesn’t happen, and you forfeit, and you’re pissed, and it sucks. SUCKS.

The main reason for this, is screwing. No joke, you bang some chick, she’s ashamed, maybe you sucked at it (none of us, obviously) and she doesn’t want to see you, therefore she doesn’t show up again.

So, this rule has been created, not to hinder us, but to help the team. Think of it as an extended challenge. The slow roll. The long con.


Is that clear enough? I can say it again if necessary, but I think it was pretty clear.


There, I said it again anyway.

Failure to adhere to this rule will result in your exclusion from the lineup, public hatred and disdain, death, dismemberment, ball-kicking (not kickballs), and, on the good side, getting laid. I don’t think the latter is worth the former.

Please be a team player, wait a few weeks. If you’re that good, it won’t matter anyway. Don’t break up the team because of your dick.



Can’t argue with him. I know it’s an unpopular decision, but when you’re the captain of an adult recreational sports team, you’ve got to make unpopular decisions. Those unpopular decisions save lives. Or something like that.

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