by J. Camm on June 3, 2014


An autographed photo of Kelly Kapowski is legit and it’s also Chris Paul’s most cherished gift. What a beauty that Tiffani Amber Thiessen is. And those earrings…sizzling.

I know I said that this is the most 90s-kid gift ever, but I’m having second thoughts on making that comment. Sure, Kapowski is a babe and, I too, would cherish this timeless headshot, but bring me Zack Morris’s brick-of-a-phone autographed by Marc Paul Gosselaar. Or better yet, I want a pair of BLACK, PLEATED, STONE WASHED JEANS worn by A.C. Slater in an episode. How uggly were those things? I think they need to make a comeback. BIG TIME. Is Jodache still a company? If so, I bet those fuckers could make some quality A.C. Slater jeans.

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