by Kyle Koster on January 14, 2014

His name is Clark and he quite clearly comes from the minds who brought you Poochie

The mascot was unveiled after the Cubs reviewed surveys and fan interviews that conveyed the need for more family-friendly entertainment. The comments included the introduction of an official mascot who works in the community and embraces young fans.

In a news release, the Cubs stated that Clark will carry out the Cubs Charities’ mission of identifying improvements in health and wellness, fitness and education for children and families at risk.Clark will make appearances at schools during Cubs Caravan or Cubs on the Move Fitness Program visits; hospital appearances, and a number of family-focused Cubs events.

OK, fair enough. Clark will do some good in the community.

But that doesn't make his introduction any less hilarious. Dude is a thinly veiled reproduction of a Tailspin character at best.

Friend of the blog Scott Phillips perfectly summed up Clark's future in less than 140 characters.

Of course, if Clark helps break the Cubs' 105-year World Series drought, I'll be forced to eat my words. 

Actually, I'll do one better. If the Cubs win it all this season, I'll get ol' Clark here tattooed on my body. Go ahead, hold me to it. 

[H/T: Chicago Tribune]

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    The Devil is disturbed when clothing is not seen, that guilt
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  • Jonathan Hughes

    Why is it wrong for the Cubs mascot, show what hes got, you have one on your body, or have you forgot?