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Do You Even Brag About Lifting, Bro? U.S. Map Shows Which States Brag the Most About Working Out on Twitter

By 07.17.14


From our friends at EPIQ comes this U.S. map of which states talk about working out the most on Twitter, because if you didn’t know, your workout isn’t over until you’ve told the entire world about the burn or pump you’ve recently achieved. Other people being in awe of how hard you work out is crucial to your working out. It’s one of the main principles of CrossFit. So is hashtagging the living fuck out of tweets.

Real tweets I just found…

“U know u crossfit when you have bruises from ankle to hip and band-aids on your palms from your rips! #crossfit#crossfitproblems”


“Crossfit couple!#crossfit#pullup#chinup#couple#love#train#exercises#bar#fitness#crossfitters”



Only hashtags. No actual words. Perfect.

All the tweeting makes total sense. Why else would you bother maintaining a statuesque physique if you can’t brag about it? Might as well be a fat piece of shit.

To be honest, informing the world about anything that I’m doing or intend to do has never appealed to me. But if I did tweet about one of my recent workouts it would go something like this…

“Lifted chest and then ran intervals for 20 min today. My genitals smell like roadkill. #HoorayFitness”




J. Camm
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