by Andy Moore on October 18, 2012

So today brought welcome news that ESPN is looking to shake up the format of its pregame show, bringing in Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose to co-host the program. Both Rose and Simmons have a history of being unafraid to call out specific players, and both should bring a more opinionated analysis to the show.

From Richard Deitsch at Sports Illustrated:

Said Simmons: “With me and Jalen, I think at the very least, we can all agree that we don’t give a crap: We are going to say what we are feeling. I’m not going to pull back punches and neither is he. I think the calibration of this show is going to work. Last year I felt like they were almost leaning too much on Magic to be the be-all and end-all. …I do want the show to have a level of sophistication that I think you have to have in this day and age, especially with all the basketball bloggers out there. They are all so smart, they know how to use statistics, they know how to use the trade machine. I don’t want to say you have to cater the show to those people, but you have to earn their respect, too.”


So, guys, here comes the million dollar question (at least for ESPN): Will this addition cause you to start watching Countdown? Or is it still skippable?

H/T: The Big Lead