by BroBible Viral on February 15, 2014


Alright, the Harlem Globetrotters are known for some insane shots, but those all happen because of practice and skill. Making a shot five stories above the court at the legendary Madison Square Garden is just pure luck.

Jonathan “Hawk” Thomas pulled off this near-impossible trick shot just before last Sunday’s annual game Harlem Globetrotter game at the Garden. The New York Daily News was there to witness the impressive 3-pointer from WAY beyond the arc.

After a brief dribble from five stories above the court’s net, the hot shot thrusts the basketball and watches with bated breath before it astonishingly swooshes through the net below.”Game time! It’s over!” the 6-foot-5 forward triumphantly shouts with his arms enthusiastically high in the air.

There is no mention if this was Thomas’ first attempt of the day. Even if it were his tenth, it’s pretty impressive, but mostly just pure luck.

[via New York Daily News]