by Lance Pauker on November 8, 2012

The implementation of curfews is actually a pretty universal thing in college sports, except that they only really ever apply to the night before gamedays–or in extreme cases, two nights before gameday. But a NIGHTLY curfew? For a college football player who's supposed to be busy walking into parties, pointing at a girl, and leaving with her without saying a word? Madness. 

AUBURN – The Auburn football program has contracted with a private security firm to help enforce player curfews, an official with the company confirmed to The Advertiser.

Stanley Dallas, the Auburn Regional Manager of the Event Operations Group, confirmed members of his staff are working in conjunction with members of Auburn’s football player development department to “enforce” player curfews throughout the week.

The Event Operations Group, Inc. is a “national full service event management, staffing, and security provider,” according to its website. The firm is used by facilities across the country, including at Auburn and other SEC schools such as Ole Miss and Mississippi State, to staff on-campus events in a variety of capacities including security, parking attendants and stadium ushers.

After winning the national title two years ago, the Cam Newton-less Tiger have regressed to the cellar of the SEC, now at a weak sauce 2-7. I would say it could be worse, but that would imply that they weren't being treated like twelve year olds, and/or people who live in a country ruled by 10-15 rich douchebags with zero compassion for anything other than expensive silverware. 

[H/T: TFM, via Montgomery Adv.]