by Andy Moore on November 6, 2013

It's really unprecedented how widely loathed A-Rod is, and how much of it is contingent on his unbearable personality. (He's been like this for a while, by the way—I just rediscovered a 2004 Rick Reilly column, “A Gentleman in a Pinstripe Suit,” dating from his Yankees' debut. It's unbelievable. Rodriguez says his favorite hobby is looking at the Impressionists at the Met. He says he'll never be seen with a blonde in Star Magazine. And then there's this Reilly-ism: “[Work on your game?] Your game? Hello? You were American League MVP last year! You've already got 383 career home runs, and you're not even 'roided up!”)

Anyway, Lange is inappropriate and hilarious—especially when he compares Rodriguez's contract to someone continuously taking a dump on your lawn—but the real stars are Gomes and Victorino, who don't even try to hide their distate.

[H/T: Team Coco]

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