by Kyle Koster on April 28, 2014


Ah, April. Baseball is still new and exciting while basketball and hockey are in the middle of thrilling playoffs. Then there’s college football, shouting for attention from the corner of our radar with its spring games.

The Arkansas spring game provided a memorable moment made possible by the game’s lack of importance. Canaan Sandy, a 31-year-old Razorbacks fan with Down Syndrome, ran for a lengthy touchdown with the help of some Big 12-like defensive indifference.

Sandy was inducted into the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame in 2013 and stayed loyal to the Hogs even during last year’s disastrous campaign.

“He’s been at a bunch of Razorback events with me,” Arkansas coach Bret Bielema said. “He’s on a world tour I think. Every time I turn around, he’s there. He’s just got one of those contagious personalities.”

[H/T: 5NewsOnline]

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