by Reggie Noble on April 10, 2012

Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident along with the 25-year-old staffer, and then released a statement saying he was alone at the time of the crash. A conflicting police report set the wheels in motion for Petrino being dismissed with cause, which will deny him the buyout clause in his contract.

Long said that Dorrell's relationship with Petrino had given her an unfair advantage in being hired over the other 158 applicants for her current position. Long also revealed that Petrino had given Dorrell a $20,000 cash gift, though he declined to say why Petrino had done so.

Former assistant head coach Taver Johnson will continue as the Razorbacks' head coach.

Petrino issued a statement Tuesday apologizing for his “previous inappropriate relationship” with Dorrell and expressed his “hope” he would be retained as Razorbacks head coach. For his part, Long said he would “get all the facts” before making a final decision.

“I had a conversation with coach Petrino today that concluded my review,” Long said, adding that contrary to reports “”there was no negotiation about ways he could remain as football coach.

Petrino was 21-5 over the past two years with the Razorbacks and poised to contend for a BCS bowl this year.

[H/T: Eye on College Football]

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