by Andy Moore on September 2, 2012

Two things we were struck by while watching: 1. The crowd noise. Roddick couldn't have picked a better tournament to announce his retirement. It's a ridiculously pro-Roddick crowd in Flushing Meadows, so much so that Roddick looked on the verge of tears several times today:

“I'm trying to keep my emotions together, all the while trying to appreciate this tournament. You guys have just made it so special,” Roddick told the fans during an on-court interview at Arthur Ashe Stadium. “I'm just enjoying it. I love this place, and I love all of you, and I'm having a blast.”


And 2. CBS wisely cut to Roddick's wife, Brooklyn Decker, or Fognini's girlfriend, the model Svetoslava Simeonova, after pretty much every shot. It bordered on gratuitous. (Not that anyone was complaining.)

Andy Moore

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