by Lance Pauker on July 2, 2012

While speaking at the NFL Rookie Symposium last week (the NFL’s version of an introductory school-wide assembly), Adam “Pacman” Jones told the incoming freshmen how he recalled spending $1 million in one weekend, and advised them to save their money. Upon hearing about Pacman’s weekend spending spree, Owens, a notorious financial misplanner who was sitting on stage next to Pacman, reportedly shouted, “Man, you crazy!”

Jones may have been makin' it rain not too long ago, but reality has hit him hard. A few weeks ago, a judge ordered him to pay $11.6 million in compensation to the victims of his triple shooting incident. Yet the reformed Jones appears to be more thankful than downtrodden–during the talk, he estimated that around 90% of those he grew up with are either dead or in jail–which has perhaps been the motivating factor for his noticeable change in character. All things considered, he's quietly become one of the league's better stories over the past few years. 

[H/T: Sports Grid]

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