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Jacoby Jones on the receiving end of some friendly fire

The 75 best GIFs from the 2012 NFL regular season

By / 09.05.13

The NFL season officially kicks off tonight with the Ravens and Broncos. Prepare yourself for the game with the 75 best GIFs from that last year.

74 The terrible attempt at the Lambeau leap

Do Bills fans hate Lee Smith or something?

73 The play of the year

Little known Joe Morgan making a name for himself.

72 A little game of hide-and-seek

71 The A-Town stomp

70 The Mario Kart banana peel

Ref had Miles Austin in fantasy.

69 The Harry Houdini

68 Stomping around like George Jefferson

67 Danny Amendola hates old people

Someone call the AARP!

66 The Gronk spike that wasn’t

65 The Norv facepalm

64 Every Eagles fan

63 Ed Reed hurdled I

And to think, this played second fiddle to the Moreno hurdle.

62 The Matrix

Greg Toler > Neo.

61 The wardrobe malfunction

DeMarco Murray’s goin commando.

60 You got knocked the f-ck out

59 Gangnam Style

I’d rather see the cheerleaders do it.

58 Ball boy FAIL

With that kind of effort, the Bills could use him at wide receiver.

57 David Wilson flip

He can actually do 13 in a row. Quite impressive really though it didn’t help the Giants get into the playoffs.

56 Just whippin’ out your sword

55 That’s a bunch of Mularkey!

54 Girls, Girls, Girls

So the girl in the middle’s mildly attractive, though she pales in comparison to these ladies.

53 The Percy Harvin start-stop

52 You can’t do that

51 The sprinkler malfunction

Those damn Buffalo Wild Wings people!

50 Hey diddle, diddle Ray Rice up the middle

The Chargers season in a nutshell.


48 Everybody was kung-fu fighting

47 Toweling off

46 Don’t mess with little people

Great things come in small packages…or something like that.

45 Ed Reed hurdled II

Not Ed Reed’s finest moment.

44 The Bob Kraft Depends moment

43 The nut shots

42 Naughty Tom Brady

Those are bad words Tom Brady. Gisele would not approve.

41 Tim Tebow, star quarterback

40 Tim Tebow, star receiver

39 The cup check

Remember when these ladies sang, “Call me Maybe?

38 The Mark Sanchez own goal

37 Reggie Bush goes Tecmo Bowl

According to Terry Bradshaw, Bush was chasing a bucket of chicken.

36 The Pee Wee Herman sack dance

Jared Odrick = big Pee Wee fan.

35 Angry Rob Ryan is angry

I’m guessing this has something to do with his brother’s tattoo.

34 Friendly Fire

33 The unncessary spin move

31 Trolling Aaron Rodgers

30 It was that kind of season for the Seahawks

29 The Alfred Morris salute

28 The awkward, old man chest bump

27 A little game of, “Where’s Weeden?”

26 Up and over

25 NRA inspired touchdown celebration

24 The Joe Flacco meme

Not quite as popular as Pacquiaoing but damn close.

23 There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth…and spitting

22 Jay Cutler douchebag

A 10k taunt!

21 The X-rated safety dance

This move impregnated a nearby cheerleader.

20 The male cheerleader

So much win from this kid.

19 Lest we forget…

18 The ultimate beast mode

17 The Ben Roethlisberger

Yea, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

16 Somebody should learn how to tackle

15 Excedrin, the headache medicine

14 Impressive but it’s against the Lions

13 Music City Miracle Part Deux

12 Rollin’ with his homies

11 Ladies and Gentlemen, Jamaal Charles

10 Did this actually happen?

9 Sexual assault in the stands

8 POW, right in the kisser

7 The Charlie Batch chicken dance

6 Don’t touch the Cox

5 Some rookie magic

4 Reggie Wayne, still in his prime

3 The backup QB kiss of death

2 The double fist-pump

1 The wild gesticulation touchdown dances

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