by Andy Moore on August 18, 2013

Nevertheless, if this video is to be believed, Scott recently pulled off one of the most jaw-droppingly, pants-wettingly, flat-out insane throws in baseball history. It makes every pitch in Félix Hernández's perfect game look like President Obama's.

Scott is throwing at 10 bowling pins. His guns his first pitch right down the pipe, knocking over eight pins and leaving a 7-10 split. Which is impressive in and of itself. He nearly pulled off the rarely seen strike-strike baseball-bowling combo. But Scott's not done—he next throws two balls at the same fucking time and actually smashes both the pins left standing.

Hardest split in bowling… child's play.

Here's a GIF, via USA Today:

And now, we're left with the $10 million question: Real or fake? 

[USA Today FTW]

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