by Andy Moore on September 13, 2012

Since then, “SportsCenter” has changed a bit. It's become a cultural icon, what many of us wake up to every day, and the last thing we watch before we hit the hay.

It's also dramatically increased its airings. The 30,000th episode aired in 2007—and today at 6 p.m., it airs its 50,000th episode ever. In honor of the occasion, we thought it'd be fun to name our top 10 favorite “This is SportsCenter” commercials ever. We're sure we've forgotten a few good ones, so let us know in the comments.

10. David Ortiz fools Wally the Green Monster

9. Is Alex Ovechkin a Russian spy?

8. Feel for the Oregon Duck

7. Josh Hamilton is a cold-blooded murderer

6. Two words: Kenny Maynski

5. Steve Irwin takes down the Florida Gator

4. Scott Van Pelt is busted for using PEDs

3. Stuart Scott takes full advantage of the Big Brother program

2. A recent classic: John Clayton's secret life

1. The all-time greatest: SportsCenter's Y2K testing

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