Jadeveon Clowney Is a BEAST

First day of training camp and some football fans are already putting Jadeveon Clowney in GOAT status.

NFL Lineman Tells Girlfriend that Herpes Sores on His Penis Were From Getting It Stuck In His Zipper

Awkward! Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Cam Thomas is being sued by a woman who claims he gave her herpes.

Kirk Cousins Has Joined Jay Cutler in the Conversion Van Club

He should be the starter.

Oregon Quarterback Marcus Mariota’s Senior Year Course Schedule Is a Joke

Hey, don't hate the man: Taking a couple of blow-off classes your senior year is THE POINT of college.

Peyton Manning is the World’s Most Phenomenal Dancer

What an athlete.

How in the World Did Fernando Torres Blow This Easy Goal Opportunity?

Fernando. That's fun to say.

This is the Wildest Baseball Brawl We’ve Seen in a Long Time

We got a brawl!

Mastering the Deadlift: 5 Things You Should Know

I know exactly what you’re thinking: ‘The deadlift is the easiest lift ever. You just pick the weight up off the ground, and boom –

Stephen A. Smith Apologized for His Comments on Domestic Violence


Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Mom Is Pretty Good at Texting

Like father, like son.

Seth Rogen Drank Beer Out of the Stanley Cup, Spilled Most of It

It's hard to drink when giggling.

17 Sports Moments That Will Make You Feel OLD

Mickey Mantle has been dead for 92 years.

Will Muschamp Takes Picture with Gators Fan Who Has Very Odd Sexual Fetishes

This Gators fan wears a very odd Florida shirt and Will Muschamp approves.

LeBron James Will Wear 23 in Cleveland

How nice of him.

This Tour de France Biker’s Legs Kinda Look Like Giant Penises

Tour de France biker Bartosz Huzarski posted an intriguing and/or unbelievable and/or disgusting photo of his veiny legs.

Aaron Gordon Destroyed a Girl With a Nifty Crossover Dribble

Real fair competition here.

The 5 Biggest Questions That Need To Be Answered Going Into The 2014 NFL Season

The NFL is back!

Stephen A Smith Pissed Off Twitter HARD with Some Really Stupid Comments on Domestic Violence

Twitter is exploding today in rage this afternoon after Stephen A Smith said some really not-smart things about domestic violence this morning and the "elements

Is This Guy Serious with His Comment That Ray Rice Was Just ‘Helping’ His Drunk Wife?

Here are the facts: Rice has been indicted on aggravated assault charges.

This CM Punk-WWE Breakup Video Set to Taylor Swift’s ‘Never Ever Getting Back Together’ Is Great

CM Punk’s contract with the WWE expired and, based off this tweet, it sure doesn’t seem like he has any […]

A Minor League Baseball GM Got a Prostate Exam During The 7th Inning Stretch Because Why Not

Legs weren't the only thing being stretched during the 7th inning.

I Can’t Stop Watching This Putrid Throw by Ryan Raburn


Keith Olbermann Went Off on the Ray Rice Suspension

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended two games for this incident with his wife. The relatively small punishment, […]

Anyone Want to Buy Chris Bosh’s INSANE $14.5 Million California Mansion?

Chris Bosh just signed a deal to stay in Miami for $118 million, so he's liquidating his assets and selling a sick Cali crib.

Kliff Klingsbury Read Flattering Tweets About His Looks

Because he is an attractive human man.

Carlos Gomez Dressed Up Like a Ninja Turtle, Danced Like No One Was Watching

Who is that dancing man?

Justin Blackmon Can’t Catch a Break, Arrested For Marijuana

What's with star receivers lighting up?

Michigan State Football Stars Connor Cook and Mike Sadler Simply Can’t Wait for the Big Dance

It's a big day.

New Orleans Saints Players Invited to Training Camp, To Share a Bed

What happens at training camp stays on the internet.

Drunk Guy Tries to Lecture Cops on Civil Rights at a Baseball Game, Isn’t Entirely Convincing

Chill, Bro.