11 Ex-Athletes Who Could Still Destroy You at the Gym

Brett Favre will never play another football game in his life. But he still trains harder than you, Bro...

Batter in the On-Deck Circle Gets Blasted in the Face by Foul Ball

This is my nightmare.

Here’s a Swagged-Out Nick Young Telling Paparazzi What He’ll Do with Iggy Azela ‘Shouldn’t Be Legal’

Nick Young is absolutely out of control, in the best way possible.

James Harden Would CONSIDER Shaving His Beard for $10 Million



This isn't nam there are rules,

Of Course Tucker Max and John Calipari are Friends


Playoff Hockey Hype Video Will Hype You Up for Playoff Hockey

Chicken skin.

The Insane Diets of 10 Different Famous Athletes

Herschel Walker does 1,500 pushups per day. He only eats one salad and piece of bread per day.

Map Shows What Team Your State Is Rooting For in the NHL Playoffs

Get those playoff beards in fine shape, Bros. It's time for HOCKEY.

Syracuse Has New Football Uniforms and the Numbers are Weird


The Pittsburgh Pirates Have Adopted Daniel Bryan’s “Yes” Chant

They are family?

Florida State Legend Myron Rolle Has a Piping-Hot Take about Jameis Winston

Maybe not the best comparison?

Here’s What It’s Like to Play Linebacker for the Miami Hurricanes

Can you handle it?

Man on Twitter Thinks His Photo with LeBron James Is with Derrick Rose


High Schooler Pulls Off the Most Impressive Soccer Throw-In You’ll Ever See

Except that, well, you'll see.

Who Is This Hot, Hot Girl Johnny Manziel Went to a Texas Rangers Game With? (UPDATED)

Johnny's back! Last night Johnny Manziel took in a Rangers game, sitting behind the plate with a beautiful new brunette lady friend.

Bryce Harper’s New Commercial For Gatorade Is Intense, Inexplicable

He is literally drenched in Gatorade.

Jared Lorenzen Had The Most Jared Lorenzen Response to The NCAA’s Free Snacks Rule

Of course this was his response...

Someone Posted the Script from Monday Night’s “Raw,” Proving WWE Doesn’t Just Happen by Accident

And ... scene.

Probably the Most Insane Mountain Biking GoPro Video Ever Made

I can't imagine how insane this man's balls are. This might be one of the craziest mountain biking GoPro videos you'll ever watch.

Holy Shit! This 3-Year-Old Bro Is Really Good at Golf

Nice full shoulder turn there, son.

If You’ve Ever Wanted to See Shaquille O’Neal Smash a Guitar, Then Today’s Your Day

The day the music died.

This Brutal Chicago Winter Has Beaten Joakim Noah


Baseball Hat With LCD Screen is Sure Sign the Future is Now

Go Jets! Go Giants! Go Jets!

The 25 Highest-Paid Athletes May Surprise You

Sexy infographic time!

An Impossibly Drunk Red Sox Fan Took on the Entire Yankees’ Upper Deck; How’d He Do?

The drunkest man in the Bronx recently took in a baseball game at the unfriendly confines of Yankees Stadium.

Guess What John Daly Did To This Woman’s Face?

American national treasure and famed golf lunatic John Daly has a little party trick that he likes to show off for the camera.

22 Unreal Athletes Born in the ’90s (and Guaranteed to Make You Feel Old)

No one on BroBible's staff was born in the 1990s. Much less 1995.

Travis Snider Took a Fly Ball Off the Face

Blooper rule.

Minnesota Vikings Guard Josh Samuda Suffered a Nasty Ankle Injury

Good God.