Nebraska Bros Make EPIC Video About Wakeboarding in Cornfields This Summer

It just doesn't get any more rad than this.

Here’s Nick Saban Getting ROCKED on Kickoff Coverage in a Game 46 Years Ago

An oldie, but a goodie.

Paralyzed Fan Stands Up to Throw First Pitch at Minor League Game

Inspiring stuff.

The Evolution of Madden in 2 Minutes

My, how you have grown.

Ole Miss Safety Cody Prewitt Lays Bone Crushing Hit on Boise State WR

Cody Prewitt Boom Stick

This Hot South Carolina Fan’s Face Sums Up the Beatdown A&M Put on The Gamecocks

Sad South Carolina Fan is Sad.

Texas A&M’s Dylan Thompson Hits Nick Jones for the First Big Play of the College Football Season

Welcome back, College Football.

Do You Live In NJ? Do You Want to Win $75,000? partypoker is Offering You That Chance with their Garden State Super Series

Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money.

This Kid Is the Barry Sanders of His Pop Warner Football League

A lot of embarrassed fathers sitting in the stands after this run.

USC Running Back Anthony Brown Quits Team, Calls Coach Steve Sarkisian a Racist

What is happening at USC?

U.S. Map Shows the Most Popular College Football Team in Each State

We just love a good popularity contest.

The University Of North Carolina Just Suspended Four Football Players Over Hazing Allegations

What else is new.

What If All the NFL Logos Smoked Marijuana?

The funniest NFL blog on the planet, Uproxx's Kissing Suzy Kolber, imagined what NFL logos would look like if they were designed by stoners.

NFL Levies Crippling $8,268 Fine Against Peyton Manning

So harsh.

Bellator Star Explains Why Pro Wrestling Is A Much Tougher Sport Than MMA

For years, the combatants of MMA and the stars of professional wrestling haven’t really seen eye-to-eye on a laundry list […]

Malmo’s Magnus Eriksson Scored a Goal That Will Make You Call Mom and Thank Her for Everything

A delicious dish.

Jon Stewart Eviscerates ESPN Over Their Michael Sam’s Showering Habits Report

ESPN looked like a bunch of damn fools earlier this week with their "report" from St. Louis on the showering habits of Michael Sam.

It Wouldn’t Be the U.S. Open If Roger Federer Weren’t Hitting Through the Legs Trick Shots

Like clockwork.

Navy Will Wear These Awesome White Uniforms Against Ohio State on Saturday

Crisp and clean.

Cheyenne Woods, Tiger Woods’ Niece, Recreated His Famous Ball-Juggling Nike Commercial AGAIN

Why does she keep doing this?

Johnny Manziel Is an Aerobics Instructor In His Very First Snickers Commercial

Just in time for the NFL kickoff next week, Johnny Manziel's very first Snickers commercial hit YouTube this morning.

NBA Teams Created Cartoons Using Their Players and Mascots. Yeah, We Don’t Know Why Either.

Some people have way too much free time in the offseason

Texas A&M’s Bright Football Complex Is an Impressive Facility, Except for One Glaring Miscue

This place isn't a dump.

Caroline Wozniacki Got Her Hair Caught in Racket, Tried to Swing Anyway

An accident waiting to happen.

Russell Wilson’s Penis Made the Sports Illustrated Cover

The NFL's biggest star.

Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn Showed Up to the Packers Welcome Back Luncheon Dressed Like This

Not covered in denim is no way to go through life.

WWE Rumors & Reaction: John Cena Dealing With Serious Injuries, Current Status In Doubt

The WWE rumors and reactions post today will dive into the actual beating John Cena might have taken at the […]

$100,000 Prize Opening NFL Weekend Will Start Your Season With a Bang

Are you ready for some cash?

Perfectly Reasonable Man Has a Seattle Seahawks Logo on His Prosthetic Eye

Nice to meet ya.

WWE Smackdown Spoilers: Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt, RVD’s Final Match

These are the WWE Smackdown spoilers for the August 29, 2014 episode of Smackdown on Syfy.