All Thoughts to Paul George, Who Just Had the Most Gruesome Basketball Injury of All Time

Warning: You can't really unsee the insane injury that Paul George sustained during fourth quarter of the USA Basketball Showcase in Las Vegas.

Texas A&M’s New Multi-Million Dollar Locker Rooms Are FREAKING SICK

The Texas A&M Aggies are in the middle of a $32 million renovation of the school's Bright Football Complex, which is part of $450 million

Armless Man Throws Out First Pitch With Feet


Breaking: Reporting Dustin Johnson Suspended From PGA Tour After Testing Positive for Cocaine

Welp, that wasn't shoved under the rug for very long.

Jon Stewart Rips Roger Goodell and the NFL for Ray Rice’s Paltry Two Game Suspension

It's a pile-on and Roger Goodell is on the bottom, trying to breath.

OSU Football Player Shows His Body Transformation After Two Years of Working with an NCAA Strength Coach

His hair even underwent a stunning transformation.

Maps Show the Most Hated NBA Team in Every State and on Every Continent

What's up with Africa hating the Thunder?

Kid Does the Sickest Back-Flip, Bicycle-Kick Trick Shot You’ll See Today

Holy CRAP this is awesome.

Manny Machado Made Another One of Those Ridiculous Plays He Makes

He will not stop.

Even the Video Game Version of Luis Suarez Can’t Stop Biting People

The guy has a real problem.

Dude Perfect’s Lastest Trick Shot Video Would Make Vin Diesel and Babe Ruth Proud

Dude Perfect!

10 Best Players to Come Out of the Famed Rucker Park

Some real superstars in this crop of Rucker Park's best ballers.

This 13-Year-Old Basketball Player is 7-Foot-4, Still Growing

He is tall.

Please Allow the 1986 Los Angeles Rams to Sing You a Song About Football and Doing It

It was lots of hard work but all worth it.

University of Oklahoma Kicker Gets iPad Playbook With Best Message Ever

Getting a physical playbook when you play football these days is old school.

Oklahoma Kicker Michael Hunnicutt Memorized His Playbook in Record Time

Tough to keep it all straight.

Tiger Woods Finally Answered the One Burning Question We’ve All Been Asking

That question obviously has nothing to do with golf.

The Redskins Hazed Rookie Kicker Zach Hocker By Giving Him a Horrific Haircut, He Put It On Instagram

Rough hairstyle to walk around town with, looks like he has a fucking beaver pelt placed across the top of his head.

This Caucasians T-Shirt is Selling Like Hot Cakes on Canadian Reserves

Caucasians have a good team.

Arian Foster Gave the Same Answer 11 Times in a 90-Second Span

He's trying to be a good teammate.

How Accurate is Drew Brees? This Accurate.

Here a skeet. There a skeet. Everywhere a skeet, skeet.

National League East Mascot Murder Tattoos are the New Hotness

Murder ink.

An Instagram Guide to How NFL, NBA, and MLB Rookies Are Spending Their Money

After not getting paid to play college sports, a fresh crop of athletes are spending their checks on all sorts of ridiculous things.

Andre Reed Wants the Bills to Stay in Buffalo, Delivers Amazing Quotes on Johnny Manziel and Jon Bon Jovi

Andre the quote giant.

This Video Of Bros Doing Crazy Barefoot Waterskiing Tricks Behind Planes Is The Perfect Way To End The Summer

The season's coming to a close, guys.

The Only People in Sports Who Matter (to the Media)

Including the lovely Ms. Alex Morgan, every Bro's dream wifey.

Jack White Threw Out the First Pitch at a Tigers Game, Didn’t Smile

Someone please tickle his orchid.

Is This Jameis Winston on Tinder Asking a Girl for Head in Exchange for Promoting Her Mixtape?

This is... weird.

The NFL’s List of Finable Offenses Has Some Pretty Ridiculous Shit on It

More like the National Fine League, AMIRIGHT? The sad thing is: I am right.

Four Florida State Football Players Make Classic Freshman Mistake by Releasing Terrible Song

Can't unhear this.