Alex Barker Made the Best Catch of the Little League World Series

Little Leaguer Alex Barker makes incredbile catch .

Fox Sports’ Hottie Katie Nolan Threw What Was Probably The Worst First Pitch I’ve Seen All Month


Cleveland Browns Beat Writer Suggests Johnny Manziel Lost Starting Job Due to His Partying

Johnny partied his brains out.

30-Year-Old Ex-NFL Linebacker Reveals He Has ALS While Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

It's easy to get carried away with the social media narcissism associated with the Ice Bucket Challenge and forget that it's raised $22 Million in

Yasiel Puig’s Accidental Helmet Trick Was Quite Impressive

Accidental brilliance.

The Undertaker Is Really Starting To Look Like A ‘Dead Man’ — WWE Rumors and Reactions

Welcome to the inaugural edition of WWE Rumors and Reactions. Every day (maybe), I’ll review the biggest WWE and wrestling […]

Someone Poured Ice Water on Michael Jordan

For charity, apparently.

Nebraska Sends Moving Message of Support to Superfan Jack Hoffman

C'mon, Jack.

Is Your Favorite ‘Sport’ a Actually a Sport? This Poll Shows What People Consider a Sport

This debate will never end. Although it really should.

Kole Calhoun Robbed a Home Run With a Spectacular Leap at Fenway Park

The fence is short.

Cheesiest Lines We Love from Sports Movies

Insert Happy Gilmore line here.

Yea. Let’s Watch Some Sick Disc.

Here's some ill-ass frisbee tricks.

Demba Ba is a Cheeky Bloke

From way downtown.

Fantasy Football on DraftKings is Legendary: $5 Million in Prizes NFL Opening Week


Everyone on USF’s Football Team Has the Same Last Name

Gotta support the team.

Brock Lesnar Gets His New Belt And He Probably Should Have Just Gone To Dinner — WWE Raw Recap 8/19

The Sopranos did it constantly. An episode ended with an insane moment that which would shake the ground around Tony’s […]

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy Did the Ice Bucket Challenge Together

We are starting to waste an awful lot of water

Little Leaguer Would Like to Meet Kate Upton, Has Solid Life Goals

Hey, so does everyone.

Johnny Manziel Made the Perfect Face While Talking About Giving the Finger During His Post-Game Presser

Terrific Beaker impersonation.

Here’s Johnny Manziel Being Told America Saw Him Being Very Naughty

Hey, we need to talk ..

A Little League Coach Consoled His Team With One of the Best Speeches You’ll Ever Hear

Incredible moments.

Johnny Manziel Just Gave the Middle Finger to the Washington Redskins Sideline

Johnny fucking Football. Welcome to the NFL and have fun with that fine.

This Is How Close the Dallas Cowboys Were to Drafting Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel, Cleveland's Renaissance Man, was the dominate storyline of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Chelsea Scored a Goal Bound to Make You Weep Uncontrollably and Wonder How Something Could be So Beautiful

Pretty things.

NFL Quarterbacks Talking Trash On Facebook is Back and This Week They Take a Hot Dump on Mark Sanchez’ Legacy

They're at it again.

Arizona State’s Copper Uniforms are Gorgeous


Matthew McConaughey Loves Fanny Packs More Than Your Grandmother, Is the Coolest Bro Ever at Fenway

Fanny packs are back?! Alright, alright, alright.

This Australian Football League Sucker Punch Hurts to Even Watch


SHUT IT DOWN: Dikembe Mutombo’s Ice Bucket Challenge Video Wins the Internet

The name of the blog game today is "how-many-ice-bucket-challenege-videos-can-we-post?"

Peyton Manning Takes Gig as Convenience Store Manager Very Seriously

Short-sleeved button-up.