Please Allow the 1986 Los Angeles Rams to Sing You a Song About Football and Doing It

It was lots of hard work but all worth it.

University of Oklahoma Kicker Gets iPad Playbook With Best Message Ever

Getting a physical playbook when you play football these days is old school.

Oklahoma Kicker Michael Hunnicutt Memorized His Playbook in Record Time

Tough to keep it all straight.

Tiger Woods Finally Answered the One Burning Question We’ve All Been Asking

That question obviously has nothing to do with golf.

The Redskins Hazed Rookie Kicker Zach Hocker By Giving Him a Horrific Haircut, He Put It On Instagram

Rough hairstyle to walk around town with, looks like he has a fucking beaver pelt placed across the top of his head.

This Caucasians T-Shirt is Selling Like Hot Cakes on Canadian Reserves

Caucasians have a good team.

Arian Foster Gave the Same Answer 11 Times in a 90-Second Span

He's trying to be a good teammate.

How Accurate is Drew Brees? This Accurate.

Here a skeet. There a skeet. Everywhere a skeet, skeet.

National League East Mascot Murder Tattoos are the New Hotness

Murder ink.

An Instagram Guide to How NFL, NBA, and MLB Rookies Are Spending Their Money

After not getting paid to play college sports, a fresh crop of athletes are spending their checks on all sorts of ridiculous things.

Andre Reed Wants the Bills to Stay in Buffalo, Delivers Amazing Quotes on Johnny Manziel and Jon Bon Jovi

Andre the quote giant.

This Video Of Bros Doing Crazy Barefoot Waterskiing Tricks Behind Planes Is The Perfect Way To End The Summer

The season's coming to a close, guys.

The Only People in Sports Who Matter (to the Media)

Including the lovely Ms. Alex Morgan, every Bro's dream wifey.

Jack White Threw Out the First Pitch at a Tigers Game, Didn’t Smile

Someone please tickle his orchid.

Is This Jameis Winston on Tinder Asking a Girl for Head in Exchange for Promoting Her Mixtape?

This is... weird.

The NFL’s List of Finable Offenses Has Some Pretty Ridiculous Shit on It

More like the National Fine League, AMIRIGHT? The sad thing is: I am right.

Four Florida State Football Players Make Classic Freshman Mistake by Releasing Terrible Song

Can't unhear this.

LeBron James Stripped for a Screaming Crowd In Taiwan

Beloved by all now he is returning like the Prodigal Son to the the Promised Land of Cleveland, Ohio, LeBron James is on an international

Game-Worn Johnny Manziel Jersey Expected to Bring in $100,000

Fork it over, fans.

Is Peyton Manning a Better Dancer Than Tom Brady?

Who is truly elite?

Lingerie Football Player Celebrates Touchdown With Frosty Cold Beer

Great thirst-quencher.

Keith Olbermann Just Destroyed Roger Goodell and His Handling of the Ray Rice Case

Deservedly so.

This 41-Shot Ping Pong Rally at the 2014 Commonwealth Games is Fucking Intense

All rejection, all the time.

Ryan Lochte Tweets a Pic of His 10,000 Calorie Meal

Eating massive meals is pretty usual for world-class swimmers.

Will CrossFit Make You Better in the Bedroom? Dom Mazzetti Answers That And More

Prepare to learn as much from this video as you learned in 4 years of college.

Andrelton Simmons Made a Play You’ll Need to See to Believe

Glove? Who needs a glove?

University of Texas Kicker Nick Rose Left It All on the Field with His 2014 Roster Photo

My, what a beautiful, sweeping comb over you have.

Jadeveon Clowney Is a BEAST

First day of training camp and some football fans are already putting Jadeveon Clowney in GOAT status.

NFL Lineman Tells Girlfriend that Herpes Sores on His Penis Were From Getting It Stuck In His Zipper

Awkward! Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Cam Thomas is being sued by a woman who claims he gave her herpes.

Kirk Cousins Has Joined Jay Cutler in the Conversion Van Club

He should be the starter.