by Andy Moore on June 3, 2013

But, you know, it really was a great decision. Because Fiasco totally kills this verse. 

Fiasco has spent the last six years in a strange spot since putting out one of the best rap works of the 2000s, the concept album The Cool, in 2007. He got screwed by Atlantic Records over the 2010 release of Lasers, resulting in a synth-happy, all-chorus piece of garbage far removed from the intricate wordplay and deep themes that characterized his earlier work. Then, he rebounded a bit with Food and Liquor 2, which was surprisingly funny and, of course, lyrically clever, but he supported the work with, uh, innovative “Call the president a terrorist” and “Play one song for 30 minutes straight” marketing strategies. (Lupe's a PR company's dream, lemme tell ya.)

So it's cool to see Fiasco remind us that he's still a rapper who can do seemingly anything, stacking metaphor on metaphor here and making the decision to go double-time over the laid-back beat—creating a successful follow-up to the buzz-worthy “Animal Pharm” and “Light Blue.”

(Also, could he wind up being the most unlikely MMG member yet?)

Andy Moore

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