by BroBible Staff on November 5, 2012

1. Visit a female/have a female over. (Easier to pass time and forget that the lights are off. Unless she's that hot and you want to throw some flashlights into the situation).
2. Be stocked up and prepared. (Whether your a beer drinker, hard alcohol type, tea or coffee person, have what you love/need readily available. Food too). 
3. Go loot some neighbors you don't like. (Totally kidding unless you're in an “I am Legend” situation). 
4. Reach out to other people! Take it upon yourself to make a difference, and contribute to the survivors and those who suffered losses in any way you can. 
5. Roman Candle Fights in the streets w/ trash can lids for shields / or not. (Don't act like shit doesn't sound fun AND you serve as entertainment to other neighbors also experiencing blackouts. Giving back! WOOP!).
Roseland Ballroom, this Friday, tickets here. Do it.