by A. Gram on May 12, 2013

Sammy Adams feat. Mike Posner — LA Story

Nowadays, “frat rap” has a negative connotation, due in part to an over-saturation of the market. But remember the old days? When Sammy Adams and Asher Roth ran the frat rap scene? Those were good times.

So, Sammy's decided to remind bros everywhere that he'll always rule the frat rap scene, with the help of Duke bro Mike Posner. The video manages to pack more bad behavior into four minutes than some of you will pack into the entire summer. But hey, isn't that why we love Adams to begin with?

Fortune Family feat. JohnieB — Gravity

Fortune Family is back. I just made some of your days, but the majority of you are probably wondering why you should give a shit. You should give a shit because before FF took their hiatus, they were one of the most liked and respected up-and-coming rap groups around. They have a sound that I would be doing an injustice if I attempted to compare to any other groups', so you'll just have to watch the video to get acquainted.

Radical Something — We Were Just Kids

Radical Something was just featured as one our twenty artists to watch this summer. This track is a shining example why. And with a new album queued for release this summer, now is the perfect time to get familiar with these gents.

Jez Dior — Hide

Jez Dior is one of those rappers who manages to fly under the rapper until just before he releases a new track, at which point every blogger I know starts scrambling to get their hands on his latest work. Pretty much, his music is good enough to actually speak for itself. He doesn't hype it at all. He puts it out and people listen and like it, and that's about the extent of it. Music at its purest.

Armel Paul — Pen in My Hand

Armel Paul's been hard at work crafting his own kind of groove, which is what makes this track so impressive. The fact that it's so rough yet so good is a testament to the fact that talent, above all, shines through. Check out “Pen In my Hand”, and get hip to an artist that I hope to see a lot more of.

Sammy Lachow — 80 Bars

Sammy Lachow. You've heard the name here before, and you'll probably keep hearing it for a while to come. I finally peeped this track yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised. He's always been good because of his uniqueness, but this was a step closer to intersecting his style with something more palatable to casual music listeners, rather than just bloggers and the underground crowd.