by Dineen on September 14, 2012

Sam Lachow & Raz – Nothing’s Gonna Change ft. B Skeez

Rapper/producer/director/editor Sam Lachow and hip hop artist Raz go in on a laid-back beat on their latest track about staying to true to where you’re from.

Nick Luebke – Hypnotized (prod. by Kyle Schlienger)

This feel-good party banger from Nick Luebke combines hip hop and electronic vibes for a an infectious track that’ll set the energy for any good night.

Jez Dior – Candles

Smooth vocals in the chorus contrast verses with quick flow over this indie-rock-infused hip hop beat.

Dieter Schaaf- Ophelia

This ambient indie-pop track has a soothing, rhythmic feel. Vocals feel informed by hip hop but retain a more defined melodic style.

Silver Medallion – Stay Young

This upbeat electronic banger combines airy vocals with hard-hitting bass.

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