by Lance Pauker on November 25, 2012

Porter Robinson and Matt Zo – Easy (Extended Mix)

This originally appeared on the final edition of the Trance Around the World radio show, and Ministry of Sound has been so kind as to put an extended mix up on YouTube. Banger and a half. The official release date is unknown, but this should more than hold the kids over for now. 


Can't Get Enough Eleanor Rigby – The Jane Doze 

A very simple mashup between J. Cole's “Can't Get Enough” (featuring Trey Songz), and the Beatles Classic “Eleanor Rigby.” This manages to reach the rare duality of being both a pregamey/party jam, as well as one that's also a perfect fit for any study playlist. This is a duo that's gotten pretty good over the past year, and I'd highly suggest going through their mashes.


LIFE – Jon Bellion 

The insanely talented Long Island product is at it again, this time with a nice dual narrative following a guy and girl trapped in the same thing we're all trapped in. As powerful as it is catchy, with a refreshing complexity rampant through every inch of the track. Quite tough not to put on repeat.