by Gaston McGary on July 24, 2012

Now let me make a brief disclamimer: I am in no way a fan of the original Usher track. You see, after about 6th grade or so, I lost the need to be an Usher fan along with most males my age, but there's no denying that the guy has a talented voice. Pierce's production was able to completely change my mind about the original and it seems that some fans share my opinion with comments like 'I don't like the original, but this one is AMAZING!” Although it's just still a preview for now, look out for this massive release soon on RCA Records.


Gaston McGary

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Gaston McGary is a BroBible contributor and PR manager for EDM producer @QUINTINOO. After graduating from Rutgers U, he's been writing about music since the spring of 2012 after briefly dipping his toes in the corporate world. He enjoys greener pastures, listening to rap music at loud volumes, NYC sports, and IPA's.

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