by Brandon Wenerd on February 27, 2014


Hard to believe that it’s been nearly eight years since Pharrell Williams released a solo album. Dude has managed to be everywhere in-between. On Monday March 3rd, Pharrell’s second solo effort — G I R L — is set to drop. You can go stream the album over at iTunes radio.

Meanwhile, a stand-out highlight is Pharrell’s new collaboration with Daft Punk, “Gust of Wind.” There’s no doubt it’s from a recording session with Daft Punk for last year’s Get Lucky. With soaring  string crescendos and crisp, funky wah-wah guitar, “Gust of Wind” is a silky smooth 70s throwback jam that’s just begging to be thrown on your love-making playlist.

Just listen. This baby oozes sex appeal.

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[H/T: Cass via The Verge]