by Dineen on July 24, 2012

HAHA-YO – Do What I Want

The latest visuals from HAHA-YO are the perfect representation of the chill party vibe present in all of the group’s laid back hip hop tracks.

Iggy Azalea – Murda Bizness ft. T.I.

Iggy Azalea goes in on this track with T.I. while chilling with some casual boss baby pageant queens.

Radical Something – Spread Your Wings

It’s been rainy from the east to the midwest but Josh Cocktail’s sun-infused voice should send some sun your way from the Bay. A more somber track from the group, Radical Something’s latest features the same delicious mix of vocality and hip hop characteristic of their tracks.

Dieter Schaaf – I Am A Child

This track, off his debut album, feels like Iron & Wine, Imogen Heap, and Kid Cudi all had a child and the result was Dieter Schaaf. Although that combination may sound painfully off, there’s something simple and catchy about the way he pulls it all together.

Timeflies – We Found Love

If you aren’t familiar with the sick spitting skills of Timeflies, check this track out now before it gets embarrassing. Impressive verses aside, the production of the Rihanna sample is complex and fitting.

Red Baron – Shades of Grace

Apparently this guy isn’t just a hip hop artist, he’s also an attorney and a college professor. This album has an old school feel with tastes of gospel, jazz, blues, soul, and rock.

Marz ft. Scribe Tribe – Parlez Vous Francais

This hip hop track has a relaxed, instrumental sample (yes, okay, it feels somehow French) and laid-back flow.

Dante CK – Clear Water

This instrumental from Dante CK has a laid-back vibe and features the beautiful and ambient vocals of Elie Goulding.

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