by Dineen on October 30, 2012

Futuristic – Listen to Me (Pink Matter Remix)

Futuristic’s raw flow on heavy topics combine with smooth, Posner-esque vocals.

Vicetone – Twenty

House-heads Vicetone combine a beautifully flowing melodic progression with a grimy bassline, culminating in a dance floor hit that's begging to be bootlegged.

e-dubble – Down

This track from e-dubble features an anthemic beat and hard-hitting flow.

Upper West & Jordan Krawitz – Let’s Get Weird

The latest from Upper West and Jordan Krawitz has an upbeat, driving party feel similar to a Sammy Adams track.

Bramzwig – Young Gun

Bramzwig’s latest track honors the recent loss of two of his classmates from high school.

Kidd Russell – Hoodie Season

The latest from Kidd Russell has a relaxed, acoustic feel. Think vibes like Jack Johnson or Cris Cab.