by Dineen on April 23, 2012

The Products feat. ZEPS – “Who’s Thirsty?

This group would be the result if LMFAO, Far East Movement, and Wallpaper somehow had a love child. Combine with lyrics rivaling Mickey Avalon’s “My Dick” for an awesome song/video.

Bramzwig – “So Nice

Takes an old school soul hook and amps it up, laying a nice flow down on top. In my book, any rap song that can pull off spitting on a throwback sample like this deserves props, and Bramzwig definitely delivers.

D-WHY – “I’m Here Now” (prod. by Ratatat)

Rapper D-WHY goes IN on this Ratatat sample. Vocals are reminiscent of Eminem, and work well with the Ratatat track.

No Pets Allowed – “808s and Spring Break

This mashup artist throws a whole bunch of songs together to make some great bangers. Feels like Girl Talk or Super Mash Bros (this means you should be ready to rage).

Eddy B & Tim Gunter – “Tomorrow

The lyrics are heavy but these guys keep the beat optimistic. This hip hop track has a very raw, real feel. Flow sounds like B.o.B with deeper lyrics, and the beat feels more chilled-out west coast.

Nick Wells – “Turn Me Up” (Mac Miller “Loud” Remix)

This R&B song reminds me of Usher circa “Love in this Club” or some early Chris Brown.

Tijon – “Lost in the Stars

This hip hop track is a windows-down, late night summer driving song.

OceanLab – “Satellite” (Creature Comforts Remix)

A more chilled-out remix compared with the original, Creature Comforts adds clarity to the OceanLab track for a relaxed feel (think a vibe similar to the last couple minutes of Deadmau5’s Strobe).

Das Nibley – “Daft Punk Tribute” (Live Mashup)

Das Nibley throws Biggie, Sugarhill Gang, and Skrillex, to name a few, into the mix with Daft Punk in this live mashup.

Mash Ketchum – *goes to 11*

Aside from having an awesome name, Mash Ketchum goes in mashing up electronic and dubstep songs with pop and hip hop. Think White Panda, for instance.

Pic via Imgur