by woveneric on July 9, 2013

Whenever it seems like it's time for me to give up on giving Afrojack any artistic legitimacy, he consistently comes out of left field and releases some tucked away track that impresses me. Appropriately titled “something_”, he strays far away from the repetitive Dutch house squeaks that have come to define his music by drawing out variations of a beautiful chord progression for almost 3 minutes before it finally breaks down. This comes following a public Twitter and Facebook fued between Afrojack and deadmau5 between what defines good music as “EDM” has become increasingly stale.

Afrojack – something_

With J. Cole's album Born Sinner in position to take the #1 spot on Billboard and Wale's recently released album The Gifted making a climb as well, it seems to be a good a time as ever to release their 4th collaboration titled “Winter Schemes”. The track release comes alongside news that J. Cole will be producing on Wale's next Jerry Sienfeld-mixtape and proves just how dominant these two lyricists are.

J. Cole x Wale – Winter Schemes



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